Water dispensers are units that send water for cooling, heating, filtering and drinking. They offer easy access to clean drinking water and encourage people to stay hydrated. Water coolers are also a cost-effective alternative to bottled water while minimizing the impact on the environment.

By investing in water coolers, you can help keep your staff hydrated throughout the day to keep them healthy and increase their concentration levels. Healthily available water has numerous benefits such as aid and improvement in digestion, and metabolism.


Staying hydrated is a matter of good health. With the best office water cooler in your office, you will keep your employees fresh. 

 The best water cooler for the office

Pick up the top: 

Brew’s top loaded water dispenser gives you a choice of cold, room temperature and hot water to meet all your hydration needs. Stainless steel modern cabinets make this water cooler ideal as part of your office decor. This water cooler features an advanced water system, which allows you to see if the dispenser is running low. It can handle three to five gallon water bottles and has a strong seat to prevent any contamination from entering your water supply. The Blue Water Cooler weighs 40.3 pounds and is equipped with an anti-mortality, free drip tray, which allows you to keep your drip tray sanitary. The unit comes in 43.1 x 17 x 14.1 inches, is UL / Energy Star approved and includes a one year limited warranty.

Coastway a 2-in-1 water cooler dispenser


These two water cooler dispensers feature three-temperature push-button tones that can easily remove cold, hot and room-temperature water. With an easy-to-use control panel, it can make ice and provide hot or cold water. 

Another feature is the close-boiling hot water that provides, which can be used for instant drinks and food. And with Child Safety Lock on hot water, it will avoid accidental burns. The LED indicator lets you see if the water dispenser is running or off, as well as whether it is creating heat, cold, or ice. 

The dispenser also comes with an ice basket that holds up to four pounds of ice. It can make 6 bullet ice cubes at a time in 6-14 minutes and make up to 27 pounds of ice a day. This unit weighs 40 pounds and comes in 12 x 14 x 39 inches. Water Cooler Dispenser Coast Way with Ice Maker Built-in, Free Standing Hot Cold Top Loading Water Dispenser.

Types of water coolers dispensers

Bottom loading water dispensers

These are convenient because they do not require heavy lifting and you simply transfer the water bottle to the basket. They come with an additional pumping mechanism and they distribute water at the waist level.

Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser:

 These are only smaller versions of Top Water Cooler or Point of Source (POU) Water Cooler Dispenser Less than POU bottle models come with inline water filters and need to be close to using water sources.

Place of Use (POU): These dispensers require a direct connection to a water source as well as a nearby electrical connection. They cost a bit more because they come with extra high quality features like ozone injection or UV light.


Whirlpool self-cleaning Bottom load water cooler  

Water cooler best price:

 Whirlpool self-cleaning bottom water cooler uses automatic injections of volatile oxygen to get rid of your water impurities. The LED indicator shows when the self-cleaning is going on, as well as when the cold and hot water is at the maximum temperature. 

This water cooler provides cold water at 40 ° F while its heavy duty water pump reaches where it should be. Commercial grade engineering includes a compressor and a thermostat that cycle’s part of the time of the other unification. 

The robust design of the unit has unbreakable water hoses. And a solid steel frame that weighs 25 pounds and can weigh more than 300 pounds. This water dispenser comes in 15 x 12.6 x 40.5 inches.

Primo bottom loading water cooler

Primo bottom loading water cooler. 3 temperature settings, hot, cold, cold – Energy Star Rated Water Dispenser. The cooler at the bottom of the premise presses ice-cold, cooled, and piped hot water with the push of a button. 

Hot water features a child protection feature and includes stainless steel door panels and water reservoirs. It also provides a removable, stainless steel drip tray that is dishwasher safe for cleaning. This water dispenser can load between three and five gallons of water. The unit is 12.2 x 14.2 x 40.9 inches and weighs 40.8 pounds. 

Energy Star rating with UL list ensures long term savings and power safety. Primo offers a one year limited warranty for this unit.


Avalon Top Loading Counter Top Water Dispenser  

Avalon’s top loading counter top water dispenser gives you the option of crisp cooling or piping hot output, making it ideal for cold refreshments or toasted drinks. With easy-to-use pedal spots you simply press your water against the pedal for water. 

The unit’s compressor produces cold water at about 47 ° F. The hot faucet is hot enough to make tea, hot cocoa or instant soup and has a baby safety lock on the hot water tap. At 13 x 12 x 19 inches, this water cooler weighs 30 pounds, is UL / Energy Star approved and is suitable for both three and five gallon bottles.


Homelabs Bottom loading water supply  

A great feature of the Home Labs unit is that you don’t have to carry heavy loads. You just load the water bottle inside the drink dispenser door and insert the probe into the bottle and you’re ready. Home Labs’ water cooler dispenser comes with a stainless steel door and measures 40 by 40.9 x 14.2 x 12.2 inches to fit any space in your office. 

It has an on / off switch so you can use it only for heating or cooling. Only when you need it. And warm temperatures can go up to 185 ° F while cold can go up to 49 ° F. The unit also has a bottle refill indicator, a removable drip tray, a child safety lock, and can accommodate three to five gallons of water at a time. 

This instant cooler also has a refill bottle alert to notify you when you need to refill a water bottle in the pool.


Nutrichef Counter Top Water Cooler Dispenser

With the Nutrichef Chef Counter Top Water Cooler Dispenser you can choose between cold (40-45 ° F) and hot water (170-175 ° F). The dispenser is a tabletop water cooler that runs with an automatic electric plug-in water dispenser system for instant water cooling with ultra-quiet operation. 

This unit can accommodate three or five gallon bottles and weighs 13 x 13.19 x 22.05 inches and weighs just 9.9 pounds. If you are looking for a small factor unit, it is suitable for office and reception areas with limited space. It includes a hot water child safety lock, built-in compressor, and 500 watt heating and 65 watt cooling power output.

Important features in best water cooler dispenser

Hot water safety lock: To avoid injury make sure that if your water dispenser has a heating option it has a child safety lock.

Noise: Although all coolers emit some noise when cooled or heated between uses. Some units have low noise levels and this can work.

Leak proof: Make sure your water dispenser is on the roof and avoids contamination.

Thermostat settings: The temperature for hot and cold water is usually fixed near range 47 in different ranges? Cold / 180? Warm – but some can go up or down. Rear switches are standard for turning hot and cold functions on and off.

Top Loading Water Dispensers: These are the most efficient and inexpensive dispensers because they rely solely on the force and power of gravity, without any additional pump mechanism. At the bottom of the dispenser is often a storage compartment.

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