How Does A Water Dispenser Work?

A water dispenser is, as per name, an instrument that dispenses water. It is operated to provide easy feasible access to drinking water. Water dispensers became a essential part of society. Here are some water dispensers that provide filtered clean water from a replaceable bottle. Other water dispensers offers water direct from a municipal water line. Some dispensers have exclusive functions such as filtering water, cooling water or heating water. A water dispenser is useful in no. of situations. Workplaces prefer to keep a water dispenser because it withdraws clients and employees with feasible access to water. It provide clean and filtered water without extended breaks or drive to the store. Water dispensers are generally used in residential homes. These are available on places that do not have clean drinking water from the tap. It is operate by people who simply do not like the tap water taste. Water dispensers are naturally an environmentally friendly choice. A personal water confined in plastic leaves an excessive plastic waste. For real reasoning or psychologically, people tend to consume water from a dispenser. They choose dispenser water over water from a sink. Because many water dispensers offer the option to devour water immediately either it is cooled or heated. It is convenient and this feasibility has become a need in residential homes and business places. Further, many water dispensers mention option to use filtered water. Indeed people enjoy it more than hard tap water.

How Does A Water Dispenser Work?

How Water Dispenser Works?

Mainly water dispensers typically has the same simple concept. It delivers water from a source with a tap or spigot, and it usually use a button or knob for consumer to dispense the water. However slightest the concept, the functionality of dispenser works depends on the type of dispenser. There are many types of water dispensers:

Bottled water dispensers are usually referred as water cooler. Typical water dispenser functions having a 5-gallon water bottle upside down or on the machine top. When someone press water spigot, the permits gravity and vacuum pressure permits to do the job of filling a glass. When this happens, air is allowed into the bottle so water can escape into your glass or bottle. Bottled dispensers are alike to use water dispensers as availability is often with options to cool or heat the water that prior to dispensing it. Usually, a five gallon water bottle is kept upside down in the water dispenser’s tank.

This is a supporting option for those who do not drink tap water. It is also a feasible option to who don’t want to connect into the main water line. Lastly, the water in bottled water is filtered water with top high quality. The bottled water dispenser functions the same way. It is a point of use dispenser, as the user simply turns a knob or press button to release the water into the funnel.

Bottled water dispensers requires more maintenance than point of use dispensers. Bottle service is necessary to ensure enough water is available. The dispenser delivers water from the water bottle source. If there are no water bottles available hence there are no water available in the dispenser. Water service is fairly inexpensive. However it comes with a periodic inspection of the tank. The inspection is along with delivery of fresh, filtered water.

Bottled dispensers use pre-filtered bottled water. Hence they do not usually need a filter inside.

The bottled water dispenser has diverse of the same component. It is similar to point of use dispenser. As they mention many similarities. They are built the same way. Although, there are some simple bottled water dispensers design that do not mention any cooling or heating options. Typically, a bottle water dispenser has below mentioned parts:

  • A tank to store the water to be cooled or heated prior to dispensing.
  • A water heater to heat the water
  • A refrigerating system to cool the water.
  • A tap or spigot to release water
  • A button or knob for users to dispense water
  • A collar that holds the water bottle in a downward position, and it allows water to channel into the tank.
  • Electricity is mentioned if the dispenser has the option to cool and heat water.
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Other parts of Water Dispenser.

The standard water dispenser parts are outfitted with additional tools for convenience or luxury. Some dispenser have cup attached to the housing for feasible access to disposable cups. There are installed mini-refrigerator in some dispenser underneath the water tap. It can be used to hold a small amount of bottled or canned drinks or food items.

Choosing the Right Water Dispenser

All types of water dispensers has variety of sizes and uses. Some are designed for small areas like countertops or tabletops in offices home or residential places. Others are more suitable for larger areas like kitchens or building hallways. You find some mounted water dispensers out in parks or other public places. Water dispensers are used commonly because they add convenience to an everyday need. Everybody drink water on a daily basis. The water dispensers fill that need. However choosing the right water dispenser hinge on the necessity. If access to water is need only, then a mounted water dispenser is best option. If filtered water that can be heated or cooled is necessary then a bottled water or point of use water dispenser is the better option.


Choosing between the two options depend on the circumstances and types available. If the dispenser easily hooked up to a main water line, then a point of use dispenser would be good option. It can provide an unlimited supply of water. However, if there are no direct link to a main water line, a bottled water dispenser is a feasible way to provide clean filtered water. You decide what kind of dispenser you need. It all decide on your asking. There are different type of dispenser vary in size and shape. However your need will decide what would be best option.

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