How to Fix a Non-Functioning Water Dispenser in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

The expediency of containing a water dispenser on your Frigidaire refrigerator model is frequently overlooked and that is the handy component stops working. Inappropriately, a non-functioning dispenser can be affected by a couple different broken parts. If you are speculating what is behind your water dispenser fault, do not worry, the guide providing below will help you number out which part is the possible culprit, and how you can fix it. To evade electrocution, unblock your refrigerator from the wall and turn off the water consecutively to your appliance. It is strongly optional you wear work gloves and safety spectacles to defend your hands and eyes from shrill objects as you overhaul your fridge.

How to Fix a Non-Functioning Water Dispenser in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

The Water Dispenser Actuator

The device you press your glass against to trigger your refrigerator’s water distributor is called a water dispenser actuator. Depressing the actuator activates the dispenser switch, also known as a micro switch, which then brings control to the solenoid on the water inlet valve. A defective water dispenser actuator will not attach correctly to the micro switch, meaning the switch will not direct power to the inlet valve, and your dispenser will not seal your glass with water.

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How Can We Substitute the Water Dispenser Actuator in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Firstly start the repair process by dragging off the dispenser’s bottommost tray. Then using a Phillips screwdriver and unthread the screws safeguarding the front panel of the dispenser to the refrigerator. After the screws are loose then lowers the panel and disconnect the wire harness running from the control meeting to the front panel.

Once again with a Phillips screwdriver, take out the screws that grip the dispenser control assembly in place. Carefully tilt the switch assembly forward to gain admission to the wire harness linked to the back of the constituent. Distinct the wire harness, and then locate the water tube devoted to the assembly and gently pull it off the part.

Now that the dispenser control meeting is free from your refrigerator and you can access the back of it to eliminate the actuator. To do so, unthread the bolts holding the two retentive plates to the top of the actuator. Once you have taken the plates off, you can distinct the faulty actuator from the water dispenser control assembly.

Install the new water dispenser actuator by breaking it into place on the dispenser control assembly. Then, situate the tautness spring in the nick on the actuator lever. Once that is done then reattaches the retentive plates to the top of the actuator. Before reinstall the control assembly, push the new dispenser actuator back and forth and attend for a soft clicking sound. If you hear the sound, the actuator was keen correctly.

You can reinstall the water dispenser control assembly with the new actuator in place. First, reconnect the wire harness you unglued earlier. After that, reattach the water tube. Make sure you press the tube firmly in place and otherwise, you could end up with a leak. Next, realign the water distributor assembly with the inaugural on the freezer door, and reinstall the retentive screws you took out previous.

Save the front panel of the dispenser, and rewire its wire harness to the wire harness running out of the control assembly. Then, line the panel up with the control assembly and rethread the panel screws to safe the part to the freezer door. To finish up your overhaul, replace the dispenser’s bottommost tray.

Plug-in your application and turn the water supply back on. Then grab a glass and use it to reduce the new actuator to safeguard the part fixed your no water issue.

The Dispenser Switch

As stated above, the dispenser switch, also known as a micro switch, is activated when the water dispenser actuator is pressed down. The switch then sends power to the solenoid on the water inlet valve, which opens the valve to provide a flow of water to the refrigerator’s water dispenser. If the micro switch is faulty, your water dispenser will not work.

How to Substitute the Dispenser Switch in Frigidaire Refrigerator?

To initiate your repair, simply follow steps 1 and 2 mentioned in the actuator repair guide above. Once you have detached the water dispenser control meeting from your freezer door, you can get to work on captivating the faulty dispenser switch off the assembly.

Before you can fully admittance the switch, you will need to separate the light bulb and light armor found next to it. For this purpose, remove the bulb from the light socket, and then try the control assembly ended to separate the wires consecutively to the stations on the back of the socket. Next, announcement the light shield fastening tabs and the fastening tab on the light socket. Once all three tabs are allowed, you can pull the protection and hole off the control assembly.

Using a screwdriver and unthread the two bolts securing the dispenser switch to the control assembly. Then, separate the wires consecutively to the adjacent terminal and the bottom terminal of the constituent.

Now it is time to connect the new dispenser switch. However, before you begin, liken the position of the old switch stations to the new switch terminals. If they are not at the same angle, bend the stations on the new part to bout the ones on the old part. After you have moved the terminals, you can attach the ropes in the dispenser control muster to the micro switch. Then, secure the change to the assembly with the two screws you detached earlier.

Reinstall the light shield and light socket and attach the wires to the stations on the back of the socket. Next, screw-in the dispenser light bulb.

Once the water dispenser switch assembly is reassembled and place it on the freezer door, and rewire its wire harness. Next, reattach the distributor water tube, and secure the assembly to the door with retentive screws.

To whole your repair project, substitute the dispenser’s front panel and supplement the bottom tray. Then, plug-in your icebox and turn on its water supply.

Other Possible Malfunctions

The Water Inlet Valve panels the flow of water ingoing your refrigerator. If the valve is broken, water will not reach your dispenser. Inappropriately, replacing the inlet valve is the only way to resolve the problem.

A stopped water filter is another possible culprit. If you do not change the filter at least twice a year, wreckage can cause an obstacle, which will decrease the water flow to your dispenser. If you haven’t swapped out the water filter in your icebox for over 6 months, I suggest doing it as soon as possible.

If the water dispenser in your Frigidaire refrigerator is no longer at work or the brook of water coming out is strikingly reduced and you cannot figure out why, please contact respective brand company today and they be happy to identify and overhaul the broken component.

Fixing a non-functioning water dispenser in your Frigidaire refrigerator is not a uphill task but it require a little attention and contact with respective manufacturing brand that whom product you are owing.

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