Mini Water Dispenser

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The mini water dispenser are portable and top or bottom-loading (bottled) units, they are not installed directly on the plumbing line do not require plumbing.

This means you can set up the unit, connect the water jug from above and enjoy the benefits of drinking clean water.

Many units, such as countertop water dispensers, are portable and easy to store.

If you don’t want it out during certain times or need to move it to a new or more convenient location, the store and transportation will be easier to do with the countertop designs that you can choose from.

If you are going camping for a while and you have access to electricity at your campsite, connecting the water dispenser can ensure that you have both hot and cold water for the camping adventure. It also means you have a safe and clean place to keep your water while traveling, as it is very replicable. Currently, there are many types of water supply in the market, and you should find one that suits your needs.

This includes a point of use or less than a bottle of dispensers that go into the plumbing in your home.

You do not have to go through loopholes to install the dispenser.

You can easily place it in your home, office, or gym wherever you want and use it on the same day because of the ease of installation on the dispenser.

If you place an order with a company, they will usually come out and do the installation for you. It brings your dispenser home and gets the water you thought it was going to have.

The mini water dispenser is like a beverage dispenser for water, tea, juice, and other beverages. Holds 2.5-5L bottles. Mini water dispenser price is reasonable and sound.

The cute small water cooler can fit it on your desk and easily get 8 glasses of water every day or for university accommodation, perfect for classroom, large family, small family, office.

Friendly material: This small water bottle cooler body is made of ABS material, environmental protection material, water is indispensable.

Stainless steel heats the inner tank: the energy accumulating ring heats up faster, the heat transfer speed is faster, the heating capacity is higher, and the boiling water does not have to wait long.

Top Loading Dispenser: This water cooler dispenser carries loads from above and allows you to see if you are running out of water from the dispenser, which is a great feature. The small water cooler price is affordable.


  • Whether you’re at your desk or in front of your home computer, you can move it at any time to get strong support from your body, and it’s more motivating to work.
  • You don’t have to run to the tea room all the time when you are busy. There is a mini water dispenser on the table, which is very suitable for small families, student hostel, study or office.
  • 8 cups of water a day, easy and healthy! Small and wonderfully fresh. Drink fresh, pure water and various beverages daily. You can make a variety of drinks according to your mood and hobbies.
  • Desktop water dispenser with special water bottle and faucet.
  • Easy to clean, solid, and durable. No noise to disturb you. With its small size, you can save a lot of space and carry it easily.
  • Detachable base: Suitable for a variety of buckets, convenient and easy to clean, 2.5L-5L can be used.
  • Product name: water dispenser
  • Heating type: Hot type
  • Rated voltage / frequency: 220V / 50HZ
  • Heating power: 550W
  • Temperature: ≥90
  • Products include: water dispenser;
mini water dispenser,cooler dispenser,mini water dispenser machine
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