Sodastream Fountain Jet Review- Best Fountain Drink Machine

It is one of the fountain drink machine in the market due to its convenience and efficiency. If you are someone who is buying your first soda machine, or just someone who values ​​simplicity, this might be the fountain drink machine for home. Sodastream fountain jet is very straightforward and can be easily assembled. It is currently one of the cheapest soda makers on the market.

What's included?

When you buy a sodastream fountain jet starter kit, you get a machine, a 60L carbonator, and a carbonating bottle. The bottle is made of BPA free plastic and contains 1 liter. You do not need batteries or electricity to use this machine. The carbonating bottle is reusable and can keep drinks soft for up to three years by wearing hermetically sealed caps. Fountain drink machine for sale are also available.

How to use?

  1. The sodastream jet is easy to use due to its simplicity. However, you will have to endure a twist that is more cumbersome than Snap Lock.
  2. Fill the carbonating bottle (cold water gets the best carbonation).
  3. Push back on the head of the jet and attach the carbonating bottle to the soda maker.
  4. Press the carbonation button 3 in a short time (3 is the standard amount but you can work more or less according to your preferences).
  5. Press on the head again and open the bottle.


When commercial fountain drink machine comes to buy again for your soda stream, know that they come in both 60L and 130L sizes. In theory, size will give you a lot of liters to use. Many people report that they actually only get 50L or 120L. You can take your empty bottle to stores such as Target, Costco, and Bed, Bath and beyond to get your refill. Your cost on a 60L refill is about $14.99 and a 130L refill will cost you $29.99.

How often you need to change your carbonator depends on how often you use it. According to Sodastream, a family of 4 soda drinkers may need to be replaced every 6-8 weeks. The cost of each exchange $14.99 (60L) or $29.99 (130L) but has cheaper DIY options. This is best personal fountain drink machine.

Our review

SodaStream Jet differs from other soda makers in the market mostly due to its simplicity and ease of assembly. It’s a very straightforward machine that works without much fuss. It is one of the cheapest devices available. If you are a person who drinks a lot of soda or carbonated beverages, you may be worried about its effects on the environment, even if you recycle. Making your drinks in a reusable bottle can help you reduce the carbon footprint. Touch screen fountain drink machine are also available in market.

The biggest reason to buy this soda maker over others is its price. This machine works but lacks bells and whistles which adds to the price. Single fountain drink machine is helpful at homes.

Another advantage of this soda maker is that all of the soda stream products are Kosher certified. In fact, his Seltzer is considered Kosher for Passover.

What are others saying?

Overall, this product received positive reviews. The most common complaint about this is the wear and tear of the bottom due to the use of cheap plastic in its construction. Some find the button more difficult to use than the Sodastream, one of the other birth models. The only other minor complaint is the appearance of this machine, which is thinner than its competitors. That being said, people like the variety of flavors and the simplicity of running a sodastream fountain jet. Sodastream fountain drink machine cost is reasonable.

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